Ready to start the Summer Season

A last minute change of plans has us heading to Yogi in the Smokies for Memorial weekend. We had originally planned a beach trip but decided we would want a longer stay at the beach than we could manage at the moment. This will be our second Jellystone camp out this year, earlier in the spring we spent a long weekend at the Marion Jellystone ( we will talk more about this and other campgrounds we have visited in future posts). We also have another Jellystone trip planned at the Jellystone Luray as well as being invited to stay at the newly opening Asheboro Jellystone as part of a special invitation for my daughters Irish Dancing school. Before you start thinking these guys are being sponsored by Jellystone, we’re not. It just so happens that we hit the KOA’s up over the last couple of years and we are trying to see what else is out there as well as getting back to some of our favorites.



Family orientated campgrounds are what we are all about at the moment in our family journey, these campgrounds allow us to explore the attractions in the area as well as having activity filled days staying at the campsites.









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